Gain your Independence with a Home

Micro homes are exactly what they sound like--innovative, cozy, affordable homes. Their size is excellent; since micro homes are smaller than traditional homes they can be transported from one location to another, meaning that wherever you travel you can take your home with you. This is especially great for those who want to go on vacation. Another benefit of having a micro home is that it is extremely affordable, and can be paid off faster than any other kind of house. It is cheaper than renting, because you’re not paying for a landlord to make a profit, and it is something you can own for the rest of your life. You don’t need a roommate or landlord--a micro home can can make you your own boss.


Kitchen and loft bedroomÂ

It is 23' 6’’ long with 19'x8'6" of living space, and a 4x8'6’’ porch covering. The living space of the long floor is 162 square feet, with an additional 89 square feet of bedroom loft area. It weighs around 10,000 lbs, and can be pulled with a pickup. It offers an 8x10' loft bedroom with queen size bed. The kitchen features a full size double stainless sink, and a refrigerator with space to keep you stoked with food. The 10' ceilings provide a spacious interior feel. The full size bathroom features a standard tub with tile surround, a toilet,


wash basin, and provides a full size stacked washer and dryer. Base unit includes standard trailer hookups for electricity, sewer, and water. Self-sufficient utilities available with solar water-heating, solar electric and water collection, storage, purification, and recycling system. It has a remote-controlled lift and rotatable TV, which enables the large screen TV to be seen from the living room.



It can be loaded onto a trailer in about ten minutes. The home can go on and off a trailer, and can be pulled by a pickup. It can also be placed on a permanent foundation, allowing it to act as a permanent home, one that meets -- and even exceeds -- most building codes.


The base unit provides everything needed to live in and serve as the core unit for home expansion. Built with interchangeable, modular parts this unit is built to grow by adding additional wall, floor, and roof modules. The modular parts are bolted together offering many times the strength of typical nail connections, and yet can be easily disassembled. It is framed in steel, and engineered to be extremely sturdy. The walls have R19 fiberglass, insulation with stucco foam EIFS system, (Exterior Insulation Finish System), that provides an R value of twenty six, (it is good at keeping in heat). The Poly UltraCem stucco exterior offers a lightweight, highly insulated, and easy to repair exterior. Micro homes provide a unique blend of mobility and durability that can not be found in traditional housing. It is repairable like a traditional home because it is built with standard home parts, so any competent builder can fix it. A micro home is easyÂ


to remodel because it is built with the same parts you can buy at any hardware store, such as Home Depot. Its ability to move enables it to always be moved to better areas.

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