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Affordable, portable, cozy homes made to give you a head start on life. Stay out of debt, make your own path, gain your freedom, get a home.

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You don’t need to rent, you don’t need a roommate, you need a home. Become your own boss, make your own path, take control of your life.

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Help others know about affordable, innovative, cozy housing. You can make a huge impact in someone's life, just by simple acts.

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What a re Micro Homes?

A micro home is an affordable, small, cozy home. It comes equipped with a bathroom, shower, kitchen, home office, bedroom, and a flat screen TV. It is portable and easy use, meaning you can take it with you when you travel. Starting at $500 a month it can be payed off in as little as four years. Cheaper than renting, and more affordable than buying a house, micro homes help you to stay out of debt, while building 96% equity. For an additional cost micro homes can be equipped with solar panels, water recycling, and water filtration, helping you by cutting down on utility costs. Because of these extra features, you are more protect in case of natural disasters or economic downturn. Micro homes provides a good solutions to many of your needs, while giving you the luxuries you crave.


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